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Max Hobart, Conductor of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony

on ABC Primetime Live: He found a way to speak to the listener and to the audience with a common language and, plus his originality, it all adds up to be something a little special.

on NECN report: His music is so original, there’s no copy cat. It’s not like anybody else’s music.

Chris Cuomo from ABC Primetime Live: A stunning wave of creative output.

Chad Gifford, former Chairman of Bank of America, hosted Concert to End Parkinson’s Disease: Your talent, it was remarkable.

NECN story with Chet Curtis: You’ve got some remarkable talent there so don’t stop writing.

Valentine’s Concert - Jordon Rich: Amazing talent

BBC “Mad But Glad” Special: Nick van Bloss, British classical pianist: It was so refreshing to meet someone who is approaching this whole thing of creativity from an emotional stand point.

The Rev. Dr. John A. Nelson, Niantic Community Church: Greg Rice’s music is compelling in several ways. It’s always thoughtful and often startlingly lovely. It has the Greg Rice story running through it, which will particularly interest any of us who have been touched by Parkinson’s Disease. Greg’s art is the witness of a man using all his gifts to wrestle with his limitations, much like Jacob wrestling with the unnamed angel, demanding a blessing. Through his music Greg is at prayer: praising, questioning, cajoling, berating, marveling, weeping, and praising again.

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